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Sean O'Donnell


Associate Department Head, Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science (BEES)

and Biology

Drexel University


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evolutionary neurobiology - social behavior - population biology - community ecology - tropical biology


What's happening in the O'Donnell lab...

Continuing grants:

NSF-IOS 1209072 Comparative-developmental analysis of brain architecture in social wasps (Sarah Farris co-PI)

National Geographic CRE, to use automated radiotacking technology (EncounterNet) to study bird/army ant interactions in Costa Rica

Wistar-Morris fund: Stable istope analysis of the role of nutrition in division of labor (with David Velinsky)

Wistar-Morris fund: Neuroecology and pollination biology of Taiwanese paperwasps (with Tanya Livshultz)


Current lab members:

Research associate Susan Bulova, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow Nicole Arcilla, PhD

Graduate (PhD) students Kaitlin Baudier; Kevin Purce, MS

Undergraduate researchers: Paulina Khodak; Elisabeth Sulger


Recently departed but still collaborating:

Sara DeLeon, PhD; Robert Driver


Active research projects:

Neuroanatomy and evolution of paper wasp and army ant brain architecture (Arcilla, Bulova, Khodak, Sulger)

Non-nutritive sweeteners as insecticides (Baudier, with Dr. Daniel Marenda- Drexel Biology)

Thermal tolerances and thermoregulatory abilities of Neotropical army ants (Baudier)

Avian social and ecological interactions in army ant exploitation (DeLeon, Arcilla)

Life-table models for analyzing division of labor in complex systems with Mike O'Connor- Drexel

Brain evolution in antbirds (Thamnophilidae) (Arcilla, Warren; with Nate Rice, Academy of Natural Sciences- Ornithology)

Biomechanics and evolution of ant larvae (Baudier, with Drexel Materials Engineers Caroline Schauer and Marjorie Kiechel)

Fungus-gardening ant biology (Purce)

Volatile compounds produced by army ants with Bruce Kimball (Monell Chemical Senses Center)

Pheromone chemistry of army ants with Bob Vander Meer (USDA/ARS, Gainesville)

Population genetics of the army ant Eciton burchellii (with Tom Soare and Kerry Naish of UWashington)


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