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Sean O'Donnell


Associate Department Head, Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science (BEES)

and Biology

Drexel University


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evolutionary neurobiology - social behavior - population biology - community ecology - tropical biology


What's happening in the O'Donnell lab...
Newly awarded grants:

National Geographic CRE, to use automated radiotacking technology (EncounterNet) to study bird/army ant interactions in Costa Rica

Wistar-Morris fund: Stable istope analysis of ythe roie of nutrition in division of labor (with David Velinsky)

Wistar-Morris fund: Neuroecology and pollination biology of Taiwanese paperwasps (with Tanya Livshultz)


Continuing grant:

NSF-IOS 1209072 Comparative-developmental analysis of brain architecture in social wasps (Sarah Farris co-PI)


New publications appearing in:

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology

Brain Behavior & Evolution

Molecular Ecology

PLoS One (two papers)

Joining the lab in fall 2014

Postdoctoral fellow Nicole Arcilla, PhD

PhD student Kevin Purce, MS


Current lab members:

Research Associate Susan Bulova, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow Sara DeLeon, PhD

PhD student Kaitlin Baudier

Undergraduate researchers: Paulina Khodak, Skye Miller, Abigail Mudd, Elisabeth Sulger and James Warren


Recently departed but still collaborating:

Robert Driver, Emily Johnson, Nola McAloon


Research projects:

Neuroanatomy and evolution of paper wasp and army ant brain architecture (Bulova, DeLeon, Khodak, Miller, Sulger, Warren)

Confocal microscope analysis of brain development in paper wasps (DeLeon, with Dr. Dan Marenda)

Brain architecture of slavemaking ants and their slaves (Mcaloon and Sulger, with Joseph Sapp, UC Santa Cruz)

Use of non-nutritive sweeteners as insecticides (Baudier, with Dr. Dan Marenda)

Thermal tolerances and thermoregulatory abilities of Neotropical army ants (Baudier, Erickson, Mudd)

Brain evolution in antbirds (Thamnophilidae) (DeLeon, Warren; with Nate Rice, Academy of Natural Sciences- Ornithology)

Biomechanics and evolution of ant larvae (Baudier, with Drexel Materials Engineers Caroline Schauer and Marjorie Kiechel)

Biology of local fungus-gardening ants (Baudier)

Volatile compounds produced by army ants with Bruce Kimball (Monell Chemical Senses Center)

Geography and population genetics of the army ant Eciton burchellii (with Tom Soare and Kerry Naish of UWashington)

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