How to Deal?

 You’re not a baby anymore, so quit behaving like one.

Stop acting like a child.

Act your age.

Sound familiar? Obviously, most adults seem to have conveniently forgotten what it’s like to “grow up.”

 You ARE acting your age! With all kinds of things to do, see & learn – and not nearly enough time or funds to do everything – you’re pulled in a gazillion directions all at once. On days that go from being the best ever to the absolute worst of your entire life in a millisecond, it can seem like growing up, with all its rewards and responsibilities, sucks.

 There are so many issues, questions, and choices you face on a daily basis. While we hope that you’ve got a trusted adult you can talk to about whatever’s on your mind, sometimes you’re just not comfortable asking the “obvious” questions. That’s why we’ve created this collection of resources – books, DVDs, websites, etc – on making that transition from little kid to adult, on growing up, on How to Deal.

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