What is Coming of Age?


Target Audience

Purpose of this site

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Definition: Coming of age is not just the transition into adolescence and adulthood but it is also a change of mind set and about coming to conclusions about yourself.  Some may call these the awkward years but they are also times of self discovery and when you will become the person you are whether it was a major life changing event that brought you there or it was just something that developed over time.  During this time you may be confused about yourself and about life or maybe you have already made a few mistakes.  Like you, most teens have trouble dealing with this period and experiment in many ways whether it is drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, makeup, clothing, etc.  Some teens may be confused or are having trouble for different reasons because of a life changing event like a death, a divorce, a pregnancy, an illness,etc.  Coming of age is handling all of these issues and learning to deal with them.  Whether it is intentional or unintentional you will cross that border and finally come of age.  To learn more visit this website's blog at http://how2deal.wordpress.com(Stephanie Erhart)


Target Audience:

How to Deal is intended for those kids between the ages of 12 and 17 who are trying to courageously defy the odds, make it through the minefield known as adolescence with all their limbs intact, and knock ‘em dead as a responsible adult. Okay, not dead, maybe just a little confused?? P.S. Parents are welcome as long as they learn something too.(Caroline Aversano)


Purpose of this Site:

It is hoped that How to Deal will be a destination for those who want to explore the many facets of growing up, from both sides of the aisle – the soon-to-be-adult and the adults who can’t quite remember how rocky the journey can be. (Caroline Aversano)


Selection Criteria for this Site:

As adults, we’ve already taken the journey you’re beginning. Some parts, we’d like to forget, while there are others we wouldn’t mind repeating. We feel that we have identified the best resources based on our feeble adult memories of what it was like to be a teenager and input from others.



Try to see things from as many perspectives as you can before making your final decision. Because, when the road you’re on forks, you have three choices: left, right, or blaze a new trail and only you can decide which way to go.(Caroline Aversano)