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by: Joyce Cooper


 SHOUTOUT                           www.shoutoutnews.org


An e-zine that has stories written by teens for teens on various topics such as pregnancy, dealing with rape, drug use, and gang life, to name of few.  The site also gives teens basic advice about their sexuality and dealing with being a teenager.  It is hosted by a community health organization located in Central California and almost all the contributors are Latino Teens.


Teen Voices                             www.teenvoices.com


“Because you’re more than just a pretty face.”  This e-zine (which also has a corresponding print magazine of the same name) provides articles on various social issues such as being lesbian, gay or transgender, sex, dealing with life after high school graduation, and social responsibility.  There are also stories and poetry written by teens for teens on various coming of age issues.  Aimed at young women.


Merlyn’s Pen                            www.merlynspen.org


“Fiction, essays and poems by America’s teens.”  On the homepage of this e-zine it gives you the option of entering the library, once you do, you can do a search by topic.  By selecting “coming of age” as a topic, you are able to access over 60 works of fiction written by teens on the topic.  Also a print magazine by the same name, which ceased publication in 2000.


GuRL Webzine             www.gurl.com


This e-zine provides advice and information to teen girls on such coming of age topics as body issues, developing belief systems, dating, and sex.


New Moon Magazine               www.newmoon.org


The online version of this print magazine, this e-zine provides information to girls who are coming of age and have questions about issues of body image, technology, and popularity.  It is a safe space for girls to share ideas as they work on becoming women.  You can access archived issues at this site but the really good stuff is in the New Moon Blog at http://newmoonnews.blogspot.com.


Girl Zone                                  www.girlzone.com


An e-zine for girls with information on topics such as body issues, college, how to handle money, dealing with divorce, friends, teachers, and fitting in (or not) with the ‘group’.  This site has articles and quizzes that girl’s can take on all sorts of topics.  An example of a quiz, “Are you a surface dweller or do you live deep?”


Diary Project                            www.diaryproject.com


An e-zine for teens that allows them to post diary entries online, on such topics as body image, discrimination, self-esteem, violence, family life, feelings, and relationships.  There are a wide range of views expressed on this site and the entries vary in length. 


TeenInk Magazine                 http://teenink.com/Nonfiction/


“Non fiction written by teens.”  This e-zine also has a print magazine called TeenInk.  The non-fiction section of this e-zine has stories that deal with issues relating to coming of age such as relationships, family problems, traveling, and prejudice.  An interesting section on this site is titled “Heroes” and contains stories about heroes in teens’ lives, such as their moms. 



DVDs and Television Programs


BBC 3 – Coming of Age

A series of documentaries that examine the pressures and problems facing teenagers in Britain.

·         Sweet Sixteen This five-part special program follows the lives, loves, ambitions and heartbreaks of a group of teenagers in a tough North London school.

·         Fat Boy To Slim The story of 16-year-old Jack Glasset, who has topped the scales at a whopping 21 stone - despite being just 16 years old.

·         I'm A Child Anorexic A shocking insight into the world of youngsters obsessed with food, dieting and fat is revealed at London's Rhodes Farm clinic for young anorexics.

·         Teens Hooked on Porn With most children able to go online in their own bedrooms, access to material that was once the preserve of the 'Top Shelf' is just a mouse-click away... but at what cost to the teens who get hooked on porn?

·         Sex, Lice and Videotape With teenagers increasingly sexually active at earlier ages, we follow a group of young people as they get tested for a whole range of annoying and nasty infections.


(Caroline Aversano)

DVD- Speak

Based on the book Speak by: Laurie Halse Anderson -Traumatized by events at an end-of-summer party and ostracized for calling the police there, high school freshman Melinda Sordino withdraws and struggles to heal with the help of her art and an understanding teacher.

(Stephanie Erhart)



How 2 Deal- Did you know this website has a blog?

Visit http://how2deal.wordpress.com


Mission Statement for the Purple Pyjamas: "The purpose of Purple Pyjamas is to provide an opportunity for tweens, teens, and young adults to meet, discuss topics of interest to them, share experiences, and learn from each other. We are a community with a sense of comfort and coziness where our visitors can relax and be themselves."

(Stephanie Erhart)

http://deepthinking.blogsome.com/2007/04/22/coming-of-age/-Lists many fiction books on the subject

http://www.bloggersblog.com/teens/-small article that talks about blogging and teens and provides some links to mostly used ones.

(Ryan Bariana)

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