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Beaver Island Trail

The Beaver Island Trail is a constructed bike trail and pedestrian path from the north end of the regional Beaver Island Trail system, through the SCSU campus along the Mississippi River, ending with a connection to a bike route to the downtown area. It is designed along the upper portion of the bluff but incorporated scenic overlooks to take advantage of the spectacular views.

Beaver Island Trail
* Beaver Island Route = 2.06miles
* Golf Course Loop = 2.0 miles
* Alternate Route 1 = 3.2 miles
* Alternate Route 2 = 4.3 miles

Parking lot and restrooms available at trailhead
1503 3rd Ave S, St. Cloud, MN 56301
Interactive Map Available at:

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Lake Wobegon Trail

Named for Garrison Keillor"s imaginary lake and community (supposedly set in rural central Minnesota, and especially Stearns County), this trail follows a former railroad track. Forty-plus miles long, the 10-foot-wide path is largely paved for ease of mobility. The trail extends through the Central MN counties of Stearns and Todd from the city of St. Joseph to the city of Osakis. The trail also has an extension on the west side of Albany heading northeast to Holdingford and the Stearns/Morrison County line. It attracts countless hikers, bikers, and roller-bladers.

Lake Wobegon Trail
Trail Mileage
St. Joseph to Avon---9.0 miles
Avon to Albany---6.3 miles
Albany to Freeport---5.3 miles
Freeport to Melrose---6.0 miles
Melrose to Sauk Centre---9.5 miles
Sauk Centre to West Union---8.0 miles
West Union to Osakis---5.0 miles
Albany to Holdingford---9.4 miles
Holdingford to Bowlus---7.0 miles
Bowlus to Mississippi River Blanchard Dam---4.0 miles
Mississippi River to Highway 10---2.0 miles

Albany Trailhead Address: 400 Railroad Ave, Albany MN 56307
Avon Trailhead Address: 108 2nd St NW, Avon MN 56310
Freeport Trailhead Address: 125 Main St East, Freeport MN 56310
St. Joseph Trailhead addresss: 605 1st Ave NE, St Joseph MN 56310
Map of Lake Wobegon Trail (PDF)
Phone: 320-356-7191

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Sand Prairie Wildlife Management Area

Spread across 700 acres just south of St. Cloud, this stretch of preserved land plays host to a diverse collection of native plants and animals. The terrain ranges from prairie to wetland and forest, and the population encompasses both birds and mammals. To browse the sights and wildlife, check out the trails and elevated observation platform. Popular summer activities include hiking and bird-watching.

Sand Prairie WMA marsh
Location: Sand Prairie is near the southeastern edge of St. Cloud, south of Co Rd 7. Signs mark the entrance on the east side of Hwy 10.
Phone: 320-255-4279

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