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Seeking unknown aspects of mathematics to bring to the fore, Frank J. Swetz has been researching, writing, and teaching about the history of mathematics for more than 40 years. With a focus on Asian and non-Western cultures, he examines how people have viewed and utilized mathematics in ancient societies, and how this knowledge may be applied toward the modern understanding and education of mathematics. He explores questions of the relation of culture and mathematics, whether all people learn mathematics in the same way, and do they need to learn in the same way?

In the picture above is a metal ell, or length measuring rod, embedded in the wall of the town square in Litoměřice, Czech Republic. During the Middle Ages, this town was an important cloth trading market of the Holy Roman Empire. The rod was embedded in the wall by royal authorities so that customers could check the accuracy of their purchases. Discovering mathematics, its history and its uses, is a fascinating adventure. There is so much to discover and through discovery comes understanding. In his writings he attempts to share these adventures with his readers, particularly young students who are trying so hard to understand mathematics

With over twenty books published throughout his career and numerous articles published in professional journals, this online portal serves as a hub to find out about his most recent and notable publications.