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Welcome to my home page at Drexel University. This page will contain announcements and news related to my courses and writing, and interior pages include information that may be of interest to students, readers, and anyone else who wanders by.


Publication: My review of Nanny State was published on January 6, 2008 in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fame: I was interviewed by Reason magazine in the November 2007 print edition. The interview is also available online.

Interview: Ed Pettit, a book reviewer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia City Paper, has interviewed me about Mean Martin Manning, writing process, literary influences, and dystopian novels. Read the interview at his blog. August 1, 2007.

Publication: Click here to read my review of The Age of Abundance in the Philadelphia Inquirer. July 8, 2007.

Mean Martin Manning is a 2007 summer book pick of Liberty magazine: Scroll to the bottom of this page to read the brief review.

Essay: Click here to read "The Failed Playwright of Virginia Tech" in Liberty, July 2007.

Review: Philadelphia City Paper reviewed Mean Martin Manning (scroll down after clicking on link) on March 22, 2007.

First review: Per Contra reviewed Mean Martin Manning on March 9, 2007.

New sites are now live:
Four promotional sites for my new novel are now live. You can learn about them here and find links below.

Blog: I have my own blog, covering a wide variety of topics, at http://scottstein.powerblogs.com.

Props: The book Drexel University Off the Record is the unauthorized guide for prospective students. On page 123 is its list of the “Ten Best Things About Drexel.” Number 9 is: “Scott Stein’s Humor & Comedy Writing class.” Now that’s some humor writing. I had the honor of being beaten out by “Cheap Basketball Tickets” and “Wireless Internet.” The book is in the Drexel bookstore (I mention this for informational and blatant self-promotional purposes only, and am not trying to sell their book.)


the Scott Stein is my blog covering current events, news, social issues, books, writing, and random stuff.

The home page of the one and only Mean Martin Manning. Stay off his list.

Official site of the It's Dr Karen show.

The inspiring grassroots support from college students for Mean Martin Manning for President is evident at mmm4Prez.com.

Alice Pitney’s blog.





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