Drexel Autonomous systems lab

DASL - 131
CNc mill Operation & Shop Practices

Motivation and Audience
The primary goal for this course is to provide an overview of DASL machine tool operations. The course will be split into three parts, focusing on CNC operations (simulation), MasterCam X2 Software, and live CNC operation. This tool is not expendable like many items in the DASL lab therefore the hope is to gather as much machine knowledge prior to true interaction with DASL CNC to ensure safe operation and machine tool longevity.

Course Text
Machinery’s Handbook (25 - 28) Industrial Press
Tormach PCNC Owners Manual

Lesson 1 - Basic Machine Code

Lesson 2 - Advanced G Code

Lesson 3 - Machining Mill Tools & Operations

Lesson 4 - Tormach PCNC

Lesson 5 - MasterCAM X2 Basics

Lesson 6 - MasterCAM X2 Advanced

Lesson 7 - Machine Practice Project

Lesson 8 - Smithy Lathe

Lesson 9 - Band Saw

Lesson 10 - Conclusion  

Roy Gross
Robert Ellenberg

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