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Robo-hoops 2007

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Team PID (Pushing Innovated Design)

Roy Gross - Robot/Chassis design
Bryan Kobe - Electronics/Microcontroller(s) architecture

Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab

Confero Solutions  

Robot 360 View


2007 Footage

Video of PID Robo-Hoops 2007 - This Short video was featured at different sites throughout South Korea during DASL Spring Break 08.

The Game

Penn State Abington Hosts an annual Robo-Hoops Competition that challenges their competitors to design and build autonomous robots to play head-to-head basketball.

The 2007 PID Strategy 

Speed Goal - Be capable to score first in less than 4 seconds.

Active Defense - Create a invisible detection zone in front of robot to defend area around net.  Also have alternate program to defend back line from potential shooting robots. In other words if another robot crosses PID's path use the robot's speed to intercept and gently push opponent away from scoring. 

Robust Design - Design chassis to stand ground when defending and push with power, but not be aggressive to harm opponents robots.

Team News

Team PID will not be attending Robo-Hoops 2008 due to both Bryan and I will be in South Korea for Co-Op.  But in the sprit of the game we wish best of luck to all competing teams and we hope to be back in 2009 with some new "Pushing Innovative Designs".

Feel free to contact us about Robo-Hoops questions.  Filter the questions  by:

Mechanical - Roy Gross - rjg48@drexel.edu
Electrical/Computer - Bryan Kobe - bdk29@drexel.edu

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