Drexel Autonomous systems lab


Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab is under the direction of Dr. Paul Oh and is part of the Drexel College of Engineering. DASL's working mission is to conceive, develop, implement and configure sensor-based solutions and "smart" mechatronic systems for robotics and human augmented applications. DASL is evolving from mainly Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) research to Humanoid robotic/mechatronic systems.  With the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF), DASL is looking to propel United States technology in the area of robotics which is mostly Asian country dominated. In 2007, Dr. Paul Oh formed a partnership with the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) to share knowledge of their famed Humanoid robot HUBO.  The partnership allowed the acquirement  of  DASL's own HUBO robotics platform of U.S. based Humanoid research. Also, the PIRE Program was added to allow 20 students in the next five years to travel to Co-Op in South Korea to take part in this international, cutting edge research.   

Drexel University Campus is located in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Drexel offers an attractive cooperative education (Co-Op) program that incorporates a rotation of classroom learning with the opportunity to work in major related occupations.  Most undergraduates will graduate from Drexel with a year and a half of work experience, therefore making them valuable to most employers.


I am a second year student and I have been working at the DASL lab since my freshman year.  I got my start with DASL by competing in the Indoor Aerial Robotic Competition (IARC) in 2007.  This past spring break 2008, I traveled to South Korea to visit KAIST and other Universities/Companies in the country.  Click here to view our trip outline and experiences. 

When I am not working in the Lab, I am a hobbyist welder and I enjoy playing racquet ball. I compete every year in a Autonomous Basketball Robot completion. Bryan Kobe and my self took 1st place in the senior division in 2007 with this custom constructed robot featured below. Click here to read more about this Robo-Hoops robot .  My favorite website is Makezine where there are many articles on electronic and mechanical projects/hacks.

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