Drexel Autonomous systems lab

Roy J. Gross (RJ)

Under-Graduate Research Student
Major: Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Research Venue: Humanoid Robotics and CAD/CAM Manufacturing Concentration
Advisor: Dr. Paul Oh

Recent News 

Hello welcome to my new site. It has been revamped for a cleaner appearance and easier navigation.  The site is still under construction, so I apologize for missing links and incomplete content.


Co-OP 2009-2010

The 2009-2010 Co-Op will build upon my 2008-2009 Co-Op located in South Korea. During that time I gathered much manufacturing knowledge to build Hubo a cutting edge mechatronic humanoid platform. This next co-op will act as a continuation of the already started research. Specifically, this co-op will be split into two parts over the six month period. The first part goal is to replicate a Hubo leg through manufacturing, installation, and implementation on US based platform. During this time I will be professionally trained in MasterCAM and plastics manufacturing. I will also be traveling to Virginia Tech to work through mechanical design/manufacturing of Mini-Hubo. Lastly, I will travel to South Korea for a 1-2 week stay to learn more advanced machining skills. The second half will still be under the umbrella of PIRE, but I will be (possibly) shared with National Instruments (NI) located in Austin Texas. During the remaining three months I will be working with NI Engineers to implement Labview and NI equipment on the Mini-Hubo humanoid.

DASL 141  CNC Manufacturing Class

Each year the summer term is the time when DASL trains potential Undergraduate students to join our lab. This year we offered three courses: CNC Manufacturing, C Programming, and Microcontrollers. I taught a comprehensive course teaching students G codes, AutoCAD Pre-CAM, and MasterCAM. To see more in detail what I taught check out my syllabus. At the end of the term the students need to complete a cap stone project. The students need to manufacture a robot (shown below) that had to use gained programming knowledge  and program a microcontroller to make it navigate a maze.


PIRE Mini-hubo

The Mini-Hubo project is part of the Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE) program granted by the National Science Foundation . A five year project that seeks transformative models to catalyze discovery through international research collaboration, train U.S. students, and create junior researchers to effectively think and work in global teams. DASL worked with Virginia Tech's RoMeLa group to check remote manufacturing feasibility for Mini-Hubo humanoid platform. A successful collaboration took place producing a replica shown below and improvement report.

ATLAS Robogames 2009

Team ATLAS/DASL traveled to San Francisco California on June 12 to compete at a 3 day international robotics tournament.  After six accelerated months the ATLAS team brought a completed mini Humanoid Robot and took home the Gold metal in the Autonomous Dash.  Check out the re-cap video from our amazing experience!

Schedule End Of co-op

Feb. 9th - 11th Finalize Robogames CAD of Legs/ Feet * 
Feb. 12th -14th Produce CAM with MasterCam of the Legs/Feet * Feb. 16th - 17th CNC parts at Hubo lab *
Feb. 17th - 21st Torso/ Arms Finalize CAD *
Feb. 21st - 28th Produce CAM for Torso/ Arms *
Mar. 1st - 7th (Overflow) CNC of Torso/Arms *
Mar. 1st - 7th Start MasterCam Documentation for tutorials * completion April 1st.
Mar. 7th - 13th Rap up loose ends with Hubo 2 CAD and Documentation

* Designates completed task
^ Work in Process

February 5th 2009

I have just finished the manufacturing the Force Torque sensors that will be used in the feet of our 2009 Robogames Humanoid. The sensor will use strain gages to measure deflection of the metal when the robot comes in contact with the floor. I used a three step process to manufacture this sensor. First I used CAD to draw the sensor. Then I used CAM to produce the tool paths. The final step is to CNC the part with a process that articulates a cutting tool in XYZ space to produce the finished part shown below.


Panoramic picture of South Gate Daejeon

JANUARY 21st 2009

I have compiled useful information regarding obtaining South Korea Student VISA and other Travel information for future PIRE students. Click here for more information! 

Panoramic picture of South Gate Daejeon

September 28th 2008

I hiked a nearby Mountain in Daejeon, South Korea.  I look a Hi-res Panoramic picture on the highest point and stitched the photos together with ArcSoft Panorama Maker. Compressed click Here to see!

South Korea Co-Op 07-08 Blog

September 5th 2008

I have stared a "blog" with Blogger.com. This blog will be a portal into the activities that I experience throughout my stay in South Korea for Co-Op 07-08 <-Link to personal blog.  It will be a mix of Technology, Social, and Culture. Please check out what I am up to or leave a comment or two! 

Robo-Hoops 2007

August 4th 2008

Check out Penn State Abington's autonomous basketball robot competition.  Team PID competition page is up so take a look at the 2007 Robo-Hoops Senior Champions.

DASL Logo Engrave

August 20th 2008

The previous DASL logo engraver was not efficient for making large quantities.  To improve the concept, I overhauled the DASL.jpeg and re-rendered it in CAD. Then I ran a MasterCAM X2 Contour path generation. I manufatured 10 key chains to be handed out when Mr. Bossone and Guests visited DASL. Below is the finished product.

July 24th 2008

Produced the DASL insignia that was engraved into aluminum using a corner end mill. These will be used for CNC demonstrations and promotional events.  The G code was generated from a freeware program Image to G-code.

PCNC Mill Mold Project

July 18th 2008

Students from the Hybrid Power Supply Laboratory (HPSL) under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Cook asked to use our new machine capabilities.  DASL worked with these students to transfer STEP files to MasterCAM X2 NC code. These were the first machined parts by our Tormach PCNC to leave the manufacturing lab of Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab.

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