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Computer Crime (CJ 274)

This course provides an overview of computer crime.  Emphasis will be placed on criminal methodologies, legislation, and policy issues related to computer intrusions, cyberfraud, and identity theft.  Issues encountered when investigating crimes and enforcing laws in cyberspace will be explored.  The public/private sector initiatives for dealing with computer crime will also be examined.


Sex, Violence, and Crime on the Internet (CJ 276)

This course explores how offenders are adopting computers to commit traditional crimes in a high-tech manner.  Specific attention will be paid to cyberstalking, online harassment, cyberbullying, and computer-facilitated sexual exploitation of children.  Related legislation and current law enforcement practices to address these crimes will be examined.


Intellectual Property Theft in the Digital Age (CJ 377)

This seminar focuses on the changing nature of intellectual property, piracy, and copyright infringement in the Digital Age.  Attention will be paid to legislative and technical solutions for protecting intellectual property (including music, movies, and software) and the challenges faced when investigating the theft of intellectual property.  Additionally, theoretical explanations to account for intellectual property theft will be explored.


Surveillance, Technology, and the Law (CJ 273)

This course examines current surveillance technologies used by criminal justice agencies and private sector organizations and the laws that regulate government surveillance and protect privacy.

Computer Investigations & the Law (CJ 365)

This course will examine the techniques used to investigate Internet crimes and extract evidence from digital storage devices.  Specific attention will be paid to the procedural laws that govern digital forensic techniques and investigations involving electronic evidence.

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