Pollution has always existed. Leather tanning, mining, coal and wood stoves are all examples of sources of pollution. On this page, you find the history of air, hazardous waste, and water pollution discussed. Also, at the bottom, their are suggestions for projects on pollution history.

Air Pollution

Air pollution can be one of the most harmful types of pollution. The American Lung Association is one of many organizations who has become dedicated to improving our air quality. Air pollution can cause injuries, sicknesses, lung cancer, and even death. Here is a brief history of air pollution disasters:

Hazardous Waste Pollution

Hazardous waste has plagued our country for a long time, and still continues to today with nuclear plants, chemical plants, and other factories. If hazardous waste is not disposed of correctly, it can continue to cause problems for a long time after it is produced. Here is a brief history of hazard waste pollution accidents:

Water Pollution: The Clean Water Act

Rivers were polluted with sewage that would wash up on the shores because there weren't many sewage treatment plants. Lake Erie and the Potomac River were both in bad shape. Wetlands were in danger of disappearing and fish kills were becoming common. In 1972, the EPA created the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act protects all our sources of water by eliminating pollutants and making sure they are safe for fishing and swimming. To find out more about the Clean Water Act, visit the EPA Clean Water Act site.

Important Laws in History

Throughout history, the government has created some very important laws that have had a big impact on pollution in the United States. Click here to see what they are and what their purpose is.

Projects Ideas

Here are some cool ideas for you if you are working on a project on pollution history: