“Seminar on Design History”

NASAD 2012 Annual Meeting

Milwaukee, WI

Thursday, October 11

8:30 a.m. –12:30 p.m.


This interactive seminar will provide a forum for an extended discussion of issues associated with the teaching of design history. Particular attention will be given to articulating the objectives for design history courses, to multiple ways of helping students in professionally-oriented undergraduate design programs to gain a foundation in design history that will support their work as designers, and to prepare them for future learning as their design experience grows. Questions for local consideration in making specific curriculum, course, and content choices will be explored, along with possibilities inherent in various educational delivery systems. Another topic is the preparation of design history teachers, including disciplinary boundaries and inter-relationships, graduate degrees, resources, and professional development programs. Discussion may also include prospects for a liberal arts-oriented undergraduate degree in design history serving a parallel function for design that the liberal arts art history major serves for the fine arts.

Notes and Sample Issues

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