Work Folder for Rares Stanciu

For this Spring 2002 quarter, a weekly work schedule and the grading each work is worth has been defined. The schedule gives all details.


Week 2: Canon camera has been received, but when it will be repaired and returned, as of 05/07/02, is still not known. Rares' ADAMS simulation this week (due to network problem last week) suggests some potential seeds of a good idea. However can any "underlying physics" be revealed from these simulations? US Digital encoders still not here. Bharat has order a PC dedicated to Rares' boom experiments.

Week 3: Research Day week

Research Day poster successful. Delays in US Digital encoder card and PC ordering prevented Rares making progress with experiments. Rares' need to learn "scientific method" forces the need to do some writing exercises.

Week 4: ICRA week

ICRA conference (Tues. and Wed.). Rares submitted a rewrite of Experiment 1. Some improvement but still emphasizes "DESIGN" rather than seeking "TRUTH". Rares' correct understanding of Scientific Method essential to progressing. Failure to understand prevents success with many of Weeks 5, 6 and 7 deliverables.

Modified deliverables

Weekly Assignment Grades

01Plots of the kinematics 2-link barDONE2%2%
ADAMS simulation of 3-bar linkageDONE3%3% (adjusted 05/07/02)
5 potential ideas for Experiment 1Not submitted5%5% Pending Week 02 write up. 0% otherwise
Show final posterDONE1.5%1.5%
US DIGITAL Purchase orderLATE1.5%1.5% if done by 05/01/02. Final 1% due to lateness. As of 05/07/02 still no encoders
Dolly/boom/PTH encoder positionsLATE2%2% if consulted with Mark by 05/01/02. Final 1.5% due to lateness
02Canon camera statusINCOMPLETE2%1%
Experiment 1 hypothesis and specific aims write upSUBMITTED5%4.5% hypothesis suggested is not based on examining preliminary data (i.e phase conflict). It's a look-and-see approach
Show printed posterDONE1%1%
Show 5 Fitts' Law papersDONE2%2%
Setup new PC, install Encoder card and encoders on boomEXTENSION2%Final 2% Installed 05/10/02
03Research Day practice talkDONE1.5%1.5%
List 5 possible ideas for Experiment 2-5%-
Experiment 1 preliminary resultsPENDING5%As of 05/17/02 Rares is rewriting Expt. 1 hypothesis
Excel plots of encoder steps vs. time with US DIGITAL's encoder cardEXTENSION2%0% Unless shown by 05/20/02 (post Excel plots on your web page or email)
Reinstall a camera and repeat IROS experimentsEXTENSION3%0% Unless completed by 05/20/02
04Summarize Fitts Law papers-1.5%
Experiment 2 hypothesis and specific aims write up-5%-
Show Postscript and PDF version of Latex'ed IROS paper-2%-
Thesis Proposal: Introduction draft 1-5%-
Show example of Matlab, Simulink and MEX-2%-
05Experiment 1: Final write up with results and 5 conclusions-7.5%-
Experiment 2 preliminary results-2.5%
Thesis Proposal Introduction final draft-5%-
Simulate 2-bar linkage graphic using Matlab and Simulink-3%-
06Experiment 2 final results-5%-
Install inclinometer or accelerometer on boom and show time plot graph-2%-
Thesis Proposal: Literature survey draft 1-5%-
07First paper draft of the two experiments-5%-
List of 25 papers will read for thesis-2%-