Work Folder for Ian White

For this Spring 2002 quarter, a weekly work schedule and the grading each work is worth has been defined. The schedule gives all details.


Midterm status: As of 05/07/02 (Week 7) your accumulated percentage points are 13/40.

Weekly Assignment Grades

02IRT-hosted web page on-lineLATE
Outline of molding tutorialLATE
Ordered molding materialLATE5%3.5%
031st draft web page on-lineLATE5%3.5% Note: Broken links and still no photos as of 04/29/02 17:00
04Final draft web page on-lineLATE10%6%
Nuts and Volts Authors GuidelinesLATE
051st draft magazine articleNOT DONE5%0% (extended to 04/29/02) but as of 05/07/02 still haven't received
06Final draft article submitted to publisherABSENT15%0% No results since 05/07/02
07Circuit Related Project TBD--GRACE
08Circuit Related Project TBD--MISSED MEETING
09Circuit Related Project TBD--TBD
10Circuit Related Project TBD--TBD