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Home                 My research interests include visually servoed robotics, robot hands, sensor fusion, and control
Course               system design. My multi-disciplined background is in mechanical, electrical and
Projects             computer engineering.


Columbia University Robotics Lab (1995-1999)

The Columbia University Robotics Group is where I pursued visual servoing and grasping research. Adaptive control of a stewart platform was performed at Seoul National University's Fluid Applications and Production Automation lab. Brief summaries, papers and MPEG video clips can be viewed through my member page at Papers can also viewed from my Drexel site, under the Publications hyperlink above.

Drexel University (Current Home)

The PRISM Lab: Program for Robotics, Intelligent Sensing and Mechatronics at Drexel University. PRISM's working mission statement is to conceive, develop, implement and configure sensor-based solutions and "smart" mechatronic systems for robotics and human augmented applications. NOTE: PRISM's web page best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher

Aerial Robotics for Near-Earth Environments

Near-Earth environments include areas like forests, buildings, tunnels and caves. For an aerial robot to autonomously fly in such environments demands sensor suites for collision avoidance and target localization. We have recently demonstrated autonomous landing and collision avoidance inside a building using a 5-gram optic flow sensor.

Left: The vehicle senses the basketball backboard and saccades to avoid collision. Right: The vehicle autonomously lands.

Video Clips

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