MEM 640 Real-Time Microcomputer Control II Web Page

The objective of MEM640 is to both illustrate problems and train the necessary skills for real-world microcomputer control. As such, each 3 hour class is comprised of lectures and hands-on lab work to reinforce concepts. This course webpage will be updated weekly for three purposes: (1) weekly lesson plans serve to illustrate the topics to be covered; (2) hand outs, homeworks and relevant slides are posted for viewing; (3) hard print and web references for further readings, as well as miscellaneous material are accessable through this site.

Given the dynamic nature of this site, students should habitually view this site, at least weekly. Lesson plans and post-class synopsis are posted for both student preparation and feedback of the material covered. Documents are posted as Adobe PDF files which are viewable with Acrobat Reader (preferable Version 4.0). If you don't have Acrobat installed on your PC, you can download a free version from Adobe's website.

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Lecture 1 - 04/07/08

Lesson Plan: Introduction and Course Overview

Handouts, slides and Homeworks