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MEM-640 501 Real Time Microcomp Ctrl II Oh, Paul
CRN: 31535 Responded
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Response Rate

This course (MEM-640 - 31535) does not have any course-specific questions, skipping that section

Course/Faculty Assessment
5=Very Great Extent, 4=Great Extent, 3=Moderate Extent, 2=Limited Extent, 1 = Not At All

  Average Standard Deviation
Teamwork or group projects and assignments were an integral part of this course 4.86 0.35
The course had a multi-disciplinary perspective 4.14 0.64
Computer technologies were used to enhance my learning 4.71 0.70
The course objectives and requirements were clearly communicated 4.43 0.73
What is your overall rating of the course?
(5=outstanding, 3=average, 1=poor)
4.43 0.73
What grade do you expect to get from this class? 4.43 0.73
The instructor was well prepared for the lectures 4.57 0.49
The instructor's communication skills were good 4.29 0.70
The instructor's attitude toward the students was positive and helpful 3.86 0.99
The instructor provided timely feedback on student performance 3.57 0.90
What is your overall rating of the instructor?
(5=outstanding, 3=average, 1=poor)
4.29 0.70

Course Comments

Right blend of theory and hands_on work makes it a very good course.
This course was ridiculously demanding of time. Spending upwards of 30 hours in one week happened 3 or 4 times, over the course of an 11_week semester. The other weeks still required at least 10 hours not including actual class time. The extent of this class was extremely broad, and included programming in C, designing and building microcomputer circuits, homework problems on theory, and programming in Matlab. This class puts the research abilities of graduate students at a serious disadvantage, in particular when the topics of this class, though certainly important, may be unrelated to the student_s research.
Key strength _ combines theory and lab in a truly integrated experience. However, lab needs to be updated. Few of the computers are functioning properly and only one motor is functioning properly. These resources need to be updated.
Strengths: The labs offer hands on learning. Weaknesses: The amount of work required for the course is overwhelming.

Instructor Comments

Excellent preparation and knowledge sharing. Understanding of Diverse areas of engineering makes learning more fruitful.
The level of knowledge and experience that the professor expects of the students is ridiculous. Some graduate students are taking this class for the primary reason that they need a sequence outside of their core research area. Thus, spending over 30 hours at some weeks for a class unrelated toward their graduate research is an expense on the student as well as the level of research output of Drexel.
Extremely knowledgeable with a comprehensive understanding of the material. Some of the homework assignments seemed out of order this quarter, and I felt slightly under-prepared for the midterm in terms of homework assignements.
Strengths: 1. Challenges students in the class room 2. Relates the material covered in the class room to real world applications Weaknesses: Everything was ok.

General Comments and Suggestions

Better hardware and equipment support is required.
For a three_credit class, 9 hours of outside class time should be spent so that the student can have a possibility of receiving an A.
Update lab equipment. Tighten up sequence of lectures _ homeworks. Correct_clarify minor errors in notes.
Everything was ok.

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