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MEM 639 exists is to apply computers to control devices. MEM 639 does this with hands-on labs in programming and interfacing to gain real-world experience. MEM 639 will use the LEGO NXT Brick (i.e. a computer) and NxC programming language with motors and sensors (i.e. control). The overall objective is to design controllers for a 2nd order system to meet desired performance and stability.

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Week 1 - 09/24/12

Lesson Plan: Course Introduction and NxC Primer

Course motivation, overview, grading schemes and introduction to NxC programming

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Announcements: For next lecture

Week 2 - 10/01/12

Lesson Plan: DC Motor Modeling and System ID

At heart, a DC motor is a first-order system (with voltage input and velocity output). Modeling from basic principles and system ID from step response are compared to validate this statement.

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 3 - 10/08/12 (Columbus Day - No Lecture)

Week 4 - 10/15/12

Lesson Plan: Timers

NxC provides millisecond timers. These are needed in order to acquire data at a defined sampling times. Timers will be used to perform system identification of an NXT motor.

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 5 - 10/22/12

Lesson Plan: Open-Loop Step Reponse, Transfer Functions, and Block Diagrams

Step response to the NXT Motor revealed first-order dynamics (relating motor input and motor speed). The resulting transfer function can be identified and can be used for simulation and analysis.

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 6 - 10/29/12

Lesson Plan: Class Cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 7 - 11/05/12

Lesson Plan: Bode Plots, Frequency Response and Phase

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

NB: Mid-term Next Week (Week 08)

Week 8 - 11/12/12

Lesson Plan: Mid-term Exam (based on Weeks 01-05 material)

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 9 - 11/19/12

Lesson Plan: Root Locus and PID Theory

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 10 - 11/26/12

Lesson Plan: Wheeled-Inverted Pendulum (WhIP)

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 11 - 12/03/12

Lesson Plan: Final Project Working Day

Handouts, slides and Homeworks

Week 12 - 12/10/12

Lesson Plan: Final Exam

Control Theory

Control theory often means different things to different people. For some, control entails just turning something on or off. For others, it is mathematically abstract; a tool for those who enjoy manipulating linear and non-linear differential equations and matrices. I've found that latter is easier to appreciate if you keep you eye on the big picture and the math often follows much easier. Some webpages are:

Some general control systems theory books that I've enjoyed are:

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