MEM-380/800 Mechatronics 1

Winter Term 2010-2011

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Drexel University


Instructor: Dr. Sooyong Lee (


Class Meeting: M6-9p.m., UG Laboratory


Textbook: Lecture notes, Handouts



- Getting Started with Arduino (Make: Projects), Massimo Banzi, OReilly, 2008 (note: included in the Arduino Duemilanove Educational Kit, also available on Amazon)

- Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers, Tom Igoe, Dan O'Sullivan, Course Technology PTR, 2004


Course Description

In this course we will study most of the Mechatronics fields including electrical-mechanical interfacing; analysis and applications of computerized machinery.  Mechatronics is a quite interdisciplinary area and requires knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Introductions to these related fields will be offered as appropriate.  5 week laboratories using Arduino kit will be provided for programming and interfacing.  



- Take-home exam 40%

- Term Project 40%

- Laboratory 20%


Laboratory kit

- Arduino

- Arduino Duemilanove Educational Kit - Amazon

- Arduino Starter Kit -

- Starter Pack for Arduino (Includes Arduino Uno)

- Budget Pack for Arduino (Arduino Uno) - Uno w/328 *recommended

- Arduino Starter Kit

- Getting Started with Arduino Kit V2.0

- Arduino Starter Kit Cana Kit


Term Project

- Individual

- Freely selected topics (example: Modeling/Simulation of Electro Mechanical System, Sensor/Actuator Interface)

- Proposal, Presentation, Report



Week 01 - 01/03/11

Introduction, Digital & Analog System

Week 02 - 01/10/11

Number system, Boolean operation

Week 03 - 01/17/11

Martin Luther King Day - No Classes

Week 04 - 01/24/11

OP amp, D/A converter, A/D converter

Week 05 - 01/31/11

Interface, Programming, Development

Laboratory: Arduino Development Environment, Digital Output - LED

Laboratory Handout #1

Week 06 - 02/07/11

Discrete feedback control system

Resistor color code (from

Laboratory: Digital Input - switch interface

Laboratory Handout #2

Week 07 - 02/14/11

Laboratory: Analog Input - A/D conversion

Laboratory Handout #3

Week 08 - 02/21/11

Laboratory: Interrupt

Laboratory Handout #4

External Interrupt Sketch External_Interrupt_2.pde

Term Project Proposal Presentation

Proposal Presentation Template

Week 09 - 02/28/11

Analog output (PWM), communication

Take-home exam preview

Laboratory: PWM, RS232c serial communication

Laboratory Handout #5

Serial communication Sketch SerialCommunication.pde

Week 10 - 03/07/11

Term Project Presentation (MEM seminar room)

Take-home exam

Week 11 - 03/14/11

Term Project Presentation (MEM seminar room)

Term Project report due

Take-home exam due