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MEM-351 701 Dynamic Systems Laboratory I Oh, Paul
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Response Rate

Student Self-Assessment of Course Objectives
5=Expert, 4=Good, 3=Fair, 2=Poor, 1=No Experience

  Average Standard Deviation
"LabVIEW programming using subVI, loops, and shift registers" Entering this course 1.81 0.53
Leaving This course 4.19 0.39
Microcomputer data acqusition Entering this course 1.81 0.63
Leaving This course 4.12 0.48
Digital data transmission and computer interface Entering this course 2.06 0.83
Leaving This course 4.12 0.33
Microcomputer controlled DC motor control Entering this course 1.69 0.68
Leaving This course 4.12 0.48
"Model identification, and time response analysis" Entering this course 2.19 0.63
Leaving This course 4.12 0.48
Dynamics and control of double torsional pendulum using microcomputer Entering this course 1.62 0.48
Leaving This course 4.00 0.61

Course/Faculty Assessment
5=Very Great Extent, 4=Great Extent, 3=Moderate Extent, 2=Limited Extent, 1 = Not At All

  Average Standard Deviation
Teamwork or group projects and assignments were an integral part of this course 4.71 0.46
The course had a multi-disciplinary perspective 4.29 0.82
Computer technologies were used to enhance my learning 4.82 0.38
The course objectives and requirements were clearly communicated 4.82 0.38
What is your overall rating of the course?
(5=outstanding, 3=average, 1=poor)
4.59 0.49
What grade do you expect to get from this class? 4.94 0.24
The instructor was well prepared for the lectures 4.59 0.49
The instructor's communication skills were good 4.59 0.49
The instructor's attitude toward the students was positive and helpful 4.59 0.49
The instructor provided timely feedback on student performance 4.40 0.49
What is your overall rating of the instructor?
(5=outstanding, 3=average, 1=poor)
4.53 0.50

Course Comments

Strengths : Focusses on one specific topic through the 10 weeks. The topic taught can be applied for various dynamical systems.
_ Appropriate workload
Brought MEM 255 and MEM 355 all together and showed how controls are used in the real world.
It finally gives a visual_physical perspective on all the controls classes taken previously. Sometimes it moves a bit quickly, but the TA and the proff are willing to take the time to explain one on one.
The course was well structured and organized. Dr Oh made learning easy.
Finally learned what labview was for
The course completely changed my views on Controls. Before it was just a course I had to get through to get my Bachelor_s degree and I dreaded the experience. Now I have a better understanding of the subject and how it is applied and the subject is much more interesting to me.
Strengths: excellent handouts Weakness: PID mathematical theory as applied in labview could have been explained in better detail even if just in a handout as additional information.
The only lab I_ve ever taken a Drexel which was not a waste of my time. Skills were built up incrementally to the final goal of controlling the pendulum. Lab actually helped to develops useful skills. More labs of this nature would be appreciated.

Instructor Comments

Very effective in communication. Makes everything simple enough. Just enough workload for a 2 credit course.
+ Breaks everything down using simple illustrations + Asks for feedback early and often + Enthusiastic about material + Extremely knowledgable
Very knowledgable, gave examples of real world applications. Sometimes he went a little fast when doing Matlab and Labview projects.
He is able to relay the information in very basic and understandable terms instead of getting caught up in the buzz words of the subject.
Good comunication. Excelant attitude towards students.
Made lectures interesting with real world examples.
Very energetic and enthusiastic about his topics.
Dynamic personality, gets people interested in the subject. Has the ability to make a complex subject much more understandable. I was terrified of Controls before entering this course having a horrible experience in Intro to Controls after this course, and the applied aspect of it, I feel much more comfortable with Feedback Control and I think that had a lot to do with Dr. Oh's understanding of the subject matter.
brought enthusiasm and personal experience to the class
Very good at striking a balance of teaching the material without it being overcomplicated. Felt like a 2 credit course. Information was always presented clearly. The entire term was planned out in detail on instructor’s website. Took the abstraction of controls from 255 and 355 and made it make sense in the physical world.

General Comments and Suggestions

Have students take this course after taking both MEM 255 and MEM 355. I took these classes before the lab and the lab brought all the information together.
Put this in the recommended plan of study before 355 and possibly along with 255. Would help support learning in the early control classes.
Altogether Drexel_s approach to controls could probably change a little. The emphasis is on mechanical systems which is fine with me because that is my passion and my area of work but I know some other students who use control systems with fluids. That is never emphasized. The link to pressure and force or even to other systems, heat exchangers and such might prove helpful to some students.
The labview screen shots need to be clearer
Let Paul Oh continue to develop the course.

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