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Research Projects

"The Assessment-Analysis Interface," PI, with Elizabeth Casman, Julie Downs, and Mitchell Small, co-PIs, Project IV of the Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment, an Environmental Protection Agency-Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, Center Directors Joan Rose and Charles Haas, 10/01/05 to 9/30/10 Drexel share $400,000.

“Integrated Physical-Social-Economic System Dynamics Modeling for Managing Extreme Events Induced Risk on the U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing Infrastructure,” Co-PI., with Soheil Nazarian, P.I., Cesar Carrasco, Yi-Chang Chiu, and Josiah Heyman, Co-PIs., National Science Foundation, 10/2003 to 9/2006, $439,898.

“Drinking Water Consumption on the Border: A Survey of Exposure and Source Types,” Center for Border Health Research, Co-P.I., with Kristina Mena (P.I.), 1/2004 to 6/2005, $73,000.

“Carbon Monoxide Exposure in Indoor Air,” P.I. with Veronica Corella-Barud, Co-P.I., Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy, 6/2003 to 9/2004, $84,148. (see photos of project)

“Small-scale Spatial Occurrence Trends of Arsenic in the Ground-water Resources of the Paso del Norte Region,” Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy, Co-P.I., with Alberto Barud, (P.I.) and Dirk Schulze-Makuch (Co-P.I.), 6/2003 to 8/2004, $74,167.

“Healthy Homes for Sustainable Colonias,” Co-P.I. with Steve Cook (P.I.) and Veronica Corella-Barud (Co-P.I.), State Energy Conservation Office, State of Texas , 6/2003 to 6/2004, $250,806. (see photos of project)

“A Novel Method of Evaluating Health Outcomes for Drinking Water and Sanitation Studies,” UTEP Tobacco Settlement Fund, P.I. with Alberto Barud and Kristina Mena (Co-P.I.s), 5/2003 to 8/2003, $10,109.

“Project SPLASH in Peri-urban Communities of Ciudad Juárez,” Co-P.I. with Jay Graham (P.I.) and Kristina Mena (Co-P.I.), Johnson & Johnson, 8/2002 to 8/2003, $39,997. (see photos of project)

“Extending the Life of Iron and Aluminum Hydroxide Arsenic Sorbents,” University Research Initiative, 12/2002 to 8/2003, $2060.

“Estimating Arsenic Exposure from Domestic Wells,” University Research Initiative, 12/2001 to 8/2002, $2000.