My Marine Corps Based Fitness Routine

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About Oscar Rueda



Oscar Rueda is a United States Marine Corps (USMC) veteran. He enlisted in the Marines in 1994 and served for four years, receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1998. In the Marine Corps, Oscar was an electrical-optical technician (MOS 2171); he troubleshot and repaired ground ordinance laser and night vision devices, small missile systems, and other fire control equipment. Oscar became interested in fitness after he discovered that people did not believe a 5’ 7” 130 lb. man could be a marine (after telling people he was US Marine, they often remarked, “Wow I thought marines were all hairy, muscular ogre-looking behemoths”) and because the USMC required their personnel to do things such as run for 11 miles (Marine officers liked to call them fun runs, Oscar never laughed), hike for 8 miles with a 35 lb. pack and 7 lb. rifle through the mountains and on sandy beaches, and play combat sports that sometimes resulted in broken limbs. As a result, Oscar decided that a solid fitness regimen would improve both his image, helping him look more physically impressive muscularly (but not like a harry ogre), and his ability to survive his enlistment physically intact. Thus, he developed an exercise routine that utilized the strength and cardiovascular exercises taught to him by his drill instructors while in Marine Corps boot camp to improve his build and his ability to run long distances.

Currently, Oscar is a student at Drexel University studying library and information science. Oscar still maintains an active lifestyle but he is not the physical specimen that he was 10 years ago. Oscar feels that benching 270 lbs. is no longer necessary because he has yet to encounter a book that he cannot lift.

Oscar hopes you either enjoy or enjoyed his website that was a project for his INFO 652 course at Drexel University. All of the content and the logo were created or designed by Oscar. All of the photos were taken by Karen, his fiancée. As of now, Oscar does not plan on adding additional content to the website.

Oscar's hobbies

Places he has visited

  1. Chile
    1. Santiago
    2. Valparaiso
  2. France
    1. Brittany
    2. Normandy
    3. Paris
  3. Japan
    1. Naha
    2. Tokyo
  4. Mexico
    1. Mexico City
    2. Veracruz
  5. Norway
    1. Narvik
    2. Trondheim


1994Oak Creek HighDiploma
2003Marquette UniversityBA
2008Drexel UniversityMS