Olimpia Meucci, PhD
Olimpia Meucci
Principal Investigator
Lindsay Festa
Lindsay Festa

Graduate Student
Bradley Nash
Bradley Nash
Graduate Student
Matilde Hoffman
Matilde Hoffman

Medical Student
Chihyang (Matt) Lin                
Chihyang (Matt) Lin
Undergraduate Student
Jonathan Pitcher
Jonathan Pitcher
Postdoctoral Fellow
Renato Brandimarti, PhD
Renato Brandimarti

Research Faculty
Kevin Tarn
Kevin Tarn
Research Assistant
Padma Ponnuru
Padma Ponnuru

Research Faculty
Lab Alumni    

Name and Position in this lab

Moved to

Kevin Tarn MMS graduate student 2014 Research Associate Drexel University
Sheila Kaushik Undergraduate Student 2013 Completing BS program at Drexel University
Juhi Motiani Undergraduate Student 2013
Completing BS program at Drexel University
Rachel Han Undergraduate Student 2012 Enrolled in Health Sciences Graduate Program at University of Pennsylvania
Roberto Wurth, MS visiting scholar
(PhD in Neuroscience) 2011-12
Department of Internal Medicine University of Genoa, Italy (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Anna Cook Abt, Graduate Student
(PhD in Neuroscience, 2008-13)
Medical Writer, SciStrategy, PA
Saori Shimizu, M.D., Ph.D.
Research Associate 2004-2011
Novartis, Japan
(Medical Director)
Silvia Burbassi, PhD
(Postdoctoral fellow, 2006-2010)

College de France, ISERM, Paris
Communication Jonctionnelle et Interactions entre Réseaux Neuronaux et Gliaux, (Research Staff)

Jaclyn Nicolai
Graduate Student
(PhD Program in Pharmacology and Physiology, 2006-2010)

The Wistar Institute, Immunology Program, Philadelphia - USA
(Post-doctoral Fellow)

Muhammad Z. Khan, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow 2001-2009
Research Faculty 2009-2010

The University of Pennsylvania,
Department of Neurology
Philadelphia - USA
(Research Staff)

Rajarshi Sengupta
Graduate student (PhD in Neuroscience 2005-2009)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Pediatrics
Randi Hippensteel
Graduate Student, Master in Neuroscience (2005-2008)
Associate Scientist at Centocor (PA)
Anna Mullen
Research Technician (2003-2007)
Moved for family reasons
Anjum Parkar
Graduate student, Master in Bioengineering (graduated in 2006)

Research Technician
Merck Laboratories, PA

Jeegar Patel
Graduate student, PhD in Pharmacology and Physiology – NRSA/NIDA fellow (graduated in 2006)
Scientist at Abbott Laboratories (R&D)
Giuseppe Bardi, PhD
Research Associate (2005-06)
Researcher, CNR of Pisa, Italy
My-Thao Le
Undergraduate student, Philadelphia Central High School , Gifted Student Program; 2003-05
Graduate Student
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Nha Huyng
Graduate student, Master of Medical Science (graduated 2004)
Medical Student
University of Illinois Medical School
Jose Joaquin Merino, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow (2003-2004)
Researcher, Medical College Computense University, Madrid
Brian Musser
Research Technician (2001-2003)
Moved for medical reasons
Sanjay Maraboyna
Graduate student, Master of Medical Science (graduated in 2003)
Medical Student
Ohio State Medical School
Engy Hanna
Graduate student, Master of Medical Science (graduated in 2002)
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School , NJ ; subsequently accepted into the NIH one-year off program for physicians

Danielle Resue Undergraduate student, SURF program; (2001-2002)

PhD program at Albany Medical College, NY

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