|| 05/23/07 ||
Current progress: LED fiducials are located and
marked by thresholding and finding centroids on the image.
The distance from the camera to the target is calculated
based on the pixel distance between two fiducials.
That distance, the focal length of the lens, and the
pixel velocity of each point is passed to MATLAB and
into the Jacobian Matrix that maps the pixel velocity
to the real velocity. Then that relative velocity is
added to the current velocity as measured by the gantry
encoders and used to calculate the necessary value to pass
to the amplifiers to achieve the desired velocity to track
the target. That value is passed to the LabVIEW gantry host
VI via a Datasocket connection. The LabVIEW host VI tells
the real-time computer to move the gantry at the desired
velocity. A lowpass filter is used on the output velocity
before its passed to the gantry to reduce vibration feedback.

Copyright 2007 Noah Kuntz. nk752@drexel.edu