|| 03/04/07 ||
Current progress: Fiducials are located and
marked on the image. The distance from the camera
to the target is calculated based on the pixel
distance between the top two fiducials. The
distance from the center of the target to the
center of the visual field is calculated in inches.
When the servo button is clicked, the amount of
inches to move the camera to the center is calculated
and passed to the LabVIEW gantry host VI via a
Datasocket connection. The LabVIEW host VI tells
the real-time computer to move the gantry into
position. The goal position is 80 inches from the
target and 0 offset in the Y and Z planes. This
initial example doesn't implement a continous
control loop so there is a small amount of error
in the final location.

Copyright 2007 Noah Kuntz. nk752@drexel.edu