Juvenile Justice Research and Reform Lab

Welcome to the Juvenile Justice Research and Reform Lab

Dr. Goldstein's Juvenile Justice Research and Reform Lab targets the intersection of psychology, law, and public policy, with particular emphases on forensic psychology and juvenile justice. The lab's work focuses on adolescents' capacities to make legal decisions, youths' abilities to fulfill behavioral requirements of the law, and the development of juvenile justice interventions and procedures to promote youths' long-term well-being.

Research and Reform Projects
Current and recent projects emphasize five primary areas: 1) juveniles' Miranda rights comprehension and confessions, 2) youths' capacities to successfully complete probation, 3) international research on juveniles' competence to stand trial in Argentina, 4) development, evaluation, and implementation of an anger management intervention for female youth in the juvenile justice system, and 5) development and evaluation of the Police School Diversion Program.
More information is available here.

Lab Personnel
The Lab team currently consists of one faculty member, a senior policy advisor, a post-doctoral fellow, 5 JD/PhD students, 4 PhD students, 1 master's student, 1 BS/MS student, several undergraduate research assistants, and a project coordinator.

Prospective Students
Dr. Goldstein generally accepts one PhD student every other year, one JD/PhD student every other year, and one master's student annually.

Dr. Goldstein will be accepting applications for both PhD and JD/PhD students for Fall 2017.

More information for prospective students is available here.

Dr. Goldstein may be contacted at neg23@drexel.edu. Dr. Goldstein's office and lab are located in Stratton Hall, at 3141 Chestnut Street. Lab members may be reached via phone at (215) 571-4297.