Gantry Programming (October 2009 - Present)

One of the primary purposes of the PIRE program is to enable research from around the nation and around the world to work together. The way we want to help this collaboration is by allowing access from different locations via the internet. By allowing remote control of our laboratory devices, we can enable researches from afar to use our equipment in real time, working on demand. However, this requires that we can establish a proper remote connection to start and stop the device. We also must have a control heirarchy in place, so that in the case of an emergency the controls will automatically be overridden by a higher order. In this case, we are planning to have the gantry arm controlled by this structure. This arm will be used to support the HUBO robot. It must be able to be activated from a remote location, but still be able to function and stop in case of an emergency.

I have outlined the current project timeline below:

You can also download an excel file of the gantt chart here