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Traveling to Lenzerheide

By Air

    Z├╝rich Kloten Airport (ZRH): 150 km


    Train + public bus: for most connections the traveling time is of 2 hours and 22 minutes (including connecting time and transfers) . . . and Swiss trains are known to always be on time! Directions: from Zurich airport (Zurich flughafen) take a train to Zurich main train station (Zurich HB - 10 min), change and take a train to Chur (1 hour and 10 min) and then take a connecting bus to Lenzerheide (40 min.), the bus stop LENZERHEIDE POST is right in front of the SCHWEIZERHOF hotel. Cost of the whole trip (one way): 55 CHF or less if you are eligible for a reduction, ask at the ticket counter.

    Trains leave Zurich airport at 6.47 FIRST TRAIN (arrive 9.09), 7.18 (arrive 9.39), 7.47 (arrive 10.09), 8.18 (arrive 10.39), 9.18 (arrive 11.39), 9.47 (arrive 12.09), 10.18 (arrive 12.39), 11.18 (arrive 13.39), 11.47 (arrive at 14.09), 12.18 (arrive at 14.39), 13.18 (arrive at 15.39), 13.47 (arrive at 16.09), 13.47 (arrive at 16.09), 14.18 (arrive at 16.39), 15.18 (arrive at 17.39), 15.47 (arrive at 18.09), 16.18 (arrive at 18.39), 17.18 (arrive at 19.39), 17.47 (arrive at 20.04), 18.18 (arrive at 20.34), 19.18 (arrive 21.34), 20.18 (arrive at 22.34), and 21.13 LAST TRAIN (arrive at 23.34) on Monday January 4th.

    All connections change in Zurich HB and then to Chur where there is a bus connection (note: train station and bus station are 2 min walking apart from each other) to Lenzerheide stopping at the POST Office which is right in front of the Schweizerhof hotel.

    For more info on the train time table visit the SBB website


    1 hour and 45 minutes driving from Zurich international airport to the conference hotel ( gures by google maps). Same driving time from Lugano (Agno) airport (but this is not a main international airport and there is no train directly from the airport, one has to get a taxi or a bus to the train station).

VISA & Travel Documents:

    Please note that there may be VISA restrictions since Switzerland in not part of EU. See here to determine if you need a Visa.

Electrical outlets in Switzerland:

    IMPORTANT: Switzerland apparently does not believe in standards, or at least not in non- Swiss standards. The electrical sockets therefore use the Type J plugs (also useful for Liechtenstein).