Great Students

Siobhan Toal

Shankar Varaganti
B.S. Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University, 2009
Brandon Kvamme

B.S. Chemistry, Washington State University, 2009.
Current Position: Polymer Chemist: Nike

Benjamin Waldher

B.S. Chemistry, Washington State University, 2009.
Current Location: Vandenberg AFB, Santa Maria, CA

Samuel Chen

M.S. Chemistry, Washington State University, 2008.

Drexel Students:

My mentorship of Tim and Siobahn is just beginning. Tim's project is on light amplificaiton properties of nanopartice suspensions. Siobahn is simularing the dynamics of amino acids to determine the effect of conformaiton on circular dichoism specta.

WSU Students:

These were some of the best undergrads that I have had the oppotunity to mentor. Their published works include (papers, abstracts, and thesis):

Kvamme, Brandon, Matthew C. F. Wander, Aurora E. Clark. “The Role of Basis Set Superposition Error in Water Addition Reactions to Ln(III) Cations”. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, v. 109, no. 11, 2009, p. 2474-2481.

Clark, Aurora, Benjamin Waldher, Matthew C. F. Wander, and Neil J. Henson. “Force-field development for heavy elements using ab initio data and the force matching method”. American Chemical Society, Salt Lake City, March 22, 2009.

Undergraduate Awards
Ms. Stephanie Wescott (A. Clark group) was acknowledged for the best poster presentation in the Physical Sciences at the Annual Undegraduate Research Poster Competition held by the College of Sciences.
Mr. Brandon Kvamme (A. Clark group) received an undergraduate research excellence award from the Office of Undergraduate Education.