Welcome to Virtual Death Incarnate

What is Virtual Death Incarnate?

Virtual Death Incarnate is a simulation of the mythical "Death" in human form, kind of like from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure II"

How Do I Interact With Good ol' Death?

By using the button labeled "Do Action". You select an action from the list of actions to the right of the picture, then click "Do Action", then read the responses. To talk to death you can type directly into the box that says "You Say:" and then do the action "Talk with Death".

I Don't Like Your Clunky User Interface, Why Can't I Just Talk To it Person-to-Death-Incarnate?

Because this isn't worth that much towards my Computer Science Grade

Death State:  
Pet Death
Feed Death
Ignore Death
Play With Death
Talk With Death

Death Says:
Talk to Death:
What's going on: