Steven C. Miller

Ph.D. Candidate


Ph.D. Student


M.Sc. - Wildlife Conservation Medicine, St. George's University, Grenada


B.S. - Biology, State University of New York at Cortland


B.A. - Psychology, State University of New York at Geneseo


Steve is interested in the effects of climate, environment and athropogenic activity on wildlife health, specifically as it pertains to disease ecology in tropical and sub-tropical ecosystems.  In these developing regions, increased interaction between humans and wildlife species has fostered a relatively new and exciting "One Health" initiative focused on an interdisciplinary approach to protecting human and animal health.


He received a Master’s degree in Wildlife Conservation Medicine from St. George's University in Grenada, West Indies where he studied the small Indian mongoose.  Specifically, he investigated the occurrence of human pathogenic enterics within the mongoose populations on Grenada, correlating bacterial positivity with various external variables such as rainfall, topography and human population density.  Traditionally, enteric bacterial infection rates are high in Grenada and based on this study, he developed recommendations to potentially reduce bacterial contamination and transmission in this developing region.


Currently, Steve is working on a road impact survey project on Bioko Island in Equatorial Africa.  Through the use of genomics, wildlife surveys, pathogen monitoring and biostatistics, he will identify potential ecological and health effects of this road construction on various wildlife species on Bioko.  This will be a temporal study over a several year period which will provide data to help inform local governments on ecologically sound road construction in the future.  This survey may also possibly identify factors associated with pathogen transmission which are potentially exacerbated by road construction and the accompanying increase in human presence and landscape modification.


  • "Influence of land use and climate on salmonella carrier status in the small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) in Grenada, West Indies." (2015) S. Miller, U. Zieger, C. Ganser, S.A. Satterlee, B. Bankovich, V. Amadi, H. Hariharan, D. Stone and S.M. Wisely. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 51(1): 60-8. (LINK).


  • "Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella spp. in small Indian mongooses (Herpestes auropunctatus) in Grenada, West Indies." (2014) S. Miller, V. Amadi, D. Stone, R. Johnson, H. Hariharan and U. Zieger. Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infections Diseases 37(4): 205-10. (LINK).


  • "Identification of Human and Poultry Campylobacter Sequence Types in Small Indian Mongooses (Herpestesauropunctatus) in Grenada, West Indies." (2014) S. Miller, V. Amadi, A.Z. Bekele, U. Zieger, H. Hariharan and D. Stone. International Journal of Veterinary Medicine: Research & Reports, 2014: 1-6. (LINK).


Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP)


Steven C. Miller

Drexel University

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