Download Biomod2EZ, Manual, Tutorial & Example Data


Download Sesink Clee et al. 2017, bioRxiv Technical Note


Biomod2EZ is a suite of R scripts developed by Paul Sesink Clee to use in conjunction with the Biomod2 R package by Thuiller et al. (2016) that is used to create ensemble ecological niche models using up to 11 different modeling techniques. Biomod2EZ adds to the functionality of Biomod2 by incorporating a report generation feature, detailed script annotation, and sample dataset/tutorial to ease the transition from ecological niche modeling using a Graphical User Interface to the coding environment of the R framework.



TESS Ad-Mixer


Download TESS Ad-Mixer, Manual & Example Data


Download Mitchell et al. 2013, Conservation Genetics Resources Technical Note


TESS Ad-Mixer is a Windows program developed by Matt Mitchell and Brian Rowe to display

spatial interpolations of Q matrices generated by the program TESS. TESS Ad-Mixer provides

an easy way to create two-dimensional representation of the Q matrices for two or more

genetic clusters. The program uses a pixel based, vector algorithm that allows the user to

specify a color scheme. The program generates spatially accurate, high-resolution files that

are ideal for data display.


Publications using TESS Ad-Mixer


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