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Media and Print


National Geographic

Island Ark: A Threatened African Treasure

- August 2008 National Geographic article written by Virginia Morell with photos from Joel Sartore, Tim Laman, Christian Ziegler, and Ian Nichols


Photographers on the Loose

- Short film featuring photos and narration from Joel Sartore, Tim Laman, Christian Ziegler, and Ian Nichols.


Lindsay Mackenzie, Independent Journalist

Bioko on the Brink

- Photo essay by Lindsay Mackenzie from recent trip to Bioko in January 2013.


Saving the Monkeys of Bioko Island

- Radio documentary by Lindsay Mackenzie aired on "The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti" on CBC Radio.


Andy Maykuth, Philadelphia Inquirer Journalist

Dispatches from Africa

- Andrew Maykuth details his visit to Equitorial Guinea



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SAVE the Forests Campaign - Cameroon

Oregon University Molecular Ecology Group

North Carolina Zoo Conservation Efforts

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