The literature on teamwork is large and worthwhile. This section provides some listings that are likely to be particularly useful to students interested in investigating the subject further.

Web Sites - Guidance


Student Teamwork

A fine site prepared by the Center for Support of Teaching and Learning at Syracuse. It defines the types of teams and gives guidance on how they should function. The material overlaps with that in the book Using Student Teams in the Classroom because one of the authors is the same.


Web Sites - Self Assessment


The VARK Questionnaire - How Do I Learn Best?

Evaluate your "Learning Style" into one or more of four categories - Visual; Aural; Read/Write; Kinesthetic - and Multimodal (more than one). Understanding team member's learning styles can help define roles and expectations.

The site is particularly good because it makes specific suggestions about how to learn based on you preferred style.

What Stage Is Our Team In?
Rate your team on 32 questions and get a picture of where you are in the "Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing" process.




Stein, R. F. and S. Hurd (2000). Using Student Teams in the Classroom, Anker.

This book is aimed at faculty, but is clearly written and has an excellent overview of the team process including many exercises.

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Updated: 2/5/03