Teamwork - A Practical Guide for Students


Teamwork is more than group work! It's an organized process that requires concentration on people as well as "product".

  • Members work to establish an effective team
  • Members accept roles (which can change)
  • Meetings are structured
  • Record keeping enhances your work
  • Each member uses their own and others' skills
  • Differences are welcomed and used
  • The product is better than from simple group work

In this site you'll find practical suggestions for creating and maintaining effective teams as well as dealing with the inevitable problems that arise. There aren't absolute rules, but these have helped many teams.

In simple groups you work on the same project, usually carving it up into separate pieces that are assembled at the end without much coordination during the process. There's benefit because of the division of labor, but not as much as can come from true teamwork

Updated: 1/28/03