It's often helpful to have a checklist of things that you need to accomplish or address. This pages gives you such a checklist in very simple form with links to pages that give more information. It also serves as an overview of the rest of the site. Follow the links to specific sections




Teammate Selection Discussing these is important even if you have no choice in your team members.
Working Out Team Function
  • Forming - Exploration of team skills & attitudes
  • Storming - Working out differences - disputes
  • Norming - Establishing responsibilities and routines
  • Performing - Getting the job done.
As you become more experienced the time necessary to go through these steps decreases. Recognizing the progression can increase your efficiency.
Exploring & Accepting Teamwork Roles Not every role is important on every project and at all times, but most are. Remember that they can rotate.
Record Keeping You'll generate many, many documents in the course of a project. Preparing them and using them effectively can help you greatly.
Meetings You'll spend lots of time in meetings. Make good use of that time.
Decisions Making wise decisions has rules that can help.
Disputes Make them productive, or at least limit their duration and magnitude.

Mistakes Teams Have Made

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Updated: 2/2/03