Planning for the Web


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Table of Contents

Planning for the Web

James E. Mitchell

John Fritz

What We've Done

How We’ll Conduct This Session


How This Relates to John Morris Talk

Questions To Ask Yourself

Why am I doing this? *

Who's Available to Help Me?

What Do I Expect my Web Based Effort to Do? *

Does the "Content" Already Exist?

Legal Issues

What do I get Out of This?

What do Other People Get Out of This?

Who are My Audience? *

How Much Time Can I Spend?

How Much Time Can Other People Spend?

What "Resources" Does My Audience Have? *

What Support is available?

Is the Result Worth the Effort?


Computer Requirements

Network Requirements

Software Requirements

Web Browser

Web Server

Web Page Creation Program

Office 2000 is the coming thing


Author: James E. Mitchell


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