Mechanical Engineering

Current Science Dependence

Computer Science

Engineering Components

Objects - other than civil or electrical
Energy transformation
Control of Objects

Likely Areas of Major Impact


Positive Jobs Impact

Negative Jobs Impact

Increased effiency transportation.

Increased jobs as markets expand to developing countries.

Deceased medium-skilled jobs.

Robotics Increase

Increased high-skill technician jobs.

Deceased medium and low-skilled jobs.

Fuel Cell increased efficiency

Increase fuel cell production jobs and products which will are dependent on larger amounts of portable electrical energy.

Possible job displacement in battery industry - although retraining is likely.

Solar Cell increased efficiency

Job creation in currently-remote areas. Ability to operate efficiently independent of power grid

Miniature Machines

High-skill jobs creating and operating.

Displacement of current jobs - not currently clear which ones.

Update 10/19/97