Engineering Areas

Drexel currently has six Engineering disciplines shared between two colleges and two schools. The balance of this talk will consider the content of these areas, likely developments in both the near and further future and their potential employment impacts. For each we will consider:

Current Science Dependence

Which sciences this science currently depends on
J. Mitchell has made his own judgment of which disciplines are producing important results for current technology - as opposed to those disciplines whose established principles a practitioner must understand to be a competent professional.
Note that the inter dependencies with other engineering disciplines are not presented although they are often very important.

Engineering Components

The major areas (my own categorization) in which this discipline concentrates.
These are sometimes those that are considered sub-specialities within Drexel's departments

Likely Areas of Major Impact

J. Mitchell estimate of areas in which developments are likely to have an impact.
Comments on both the likely positive and negative results of that impact on employment


Update 10/19/97