Web Site Management

What is a Web Site

A web site is a collection of one or more pages
Usually people mean a set of pages which are connected by links.
As soon as you create your first page you have created a web site.
Many people will refer to each group of related pages as a site so that you can have multiple sites on a single web server.

Issues in Web Site Planning

The following comments are not meant as a step-by-step set of instructions. They are hints or observations based on having created a number of web sites.

Plan Ahead for Complex Sites

If you think you'll create more than a half dozen pages over the next year it pays to plan ahead.
For a simple "here I am" page with links to other people's work it doesn't matter.

Learn How to Use Subdirectories/Folders

Files multiply rapidly on web sites. Grouping files in folders will make your life far easier in the long run.
You have to learn how to be sure the links work
Claris HomePage does a good job of helping you create the right link in sub-folders.
You have to avoid moving folders - the links break if you do.

Use Frames or Something Similar for Navigation Ease

Navigating a large site can become very confusing. Having a Table of Contents always visible makes life far, far easier. That's one of the things that Frames make possible.
That's what I've done on this site
Claris HomePage Version 2.0 does allow creation of Frames, but it is fairly confusing initially and difficult to make them behave properly.
Here's a link to a tutorial that does a pretty good job, but be aware that it's a significant jump in the learning curve since you now have to deal with HTML code.
Hope that the next version of HomePage makes it easier

Consider Site Manager Software for Large Sites

A program like Adobe Sitemill (currently v. 2.0) will do wonders for checking that all the links on your site work and allowing you to fix them easily.
This is a field that is rapidly developing. Expect big changes every few months for the next year or so. 10/29/97  

Update 10/29/97