Web Page Basics

Every image is a separate file

Even the tiniest
It is usually one of two types
They can be created in a variety of ways
They should be kept in the same folder as your text
Or in a special folder if you want to be organized
I always call that folder "Images"


Allow you to jump to another piece of information
Have "hidden" information which defines the address (URL) of the link

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language

You don't have to worry details about it for a long time.
By convention such files end in ".html" or ".htm" - and have no spaces in the name
They can be created in ANY ASCII text editor
Claris HomePage is the product we're using because it allows you to see the product as you produce it. There are many others.

If you want to Learn More about the WWW

Internet Resources: The World-Wide Web (WWW) has a good overview with many links. It is somewhat dated (1995), but still very worthwhile overview information.

Update 10/15/97