The Faculty Web Page Template

OCS Has Prepared a Template For you

Its purpose is to allow you to customize it to make your own home page.
It has a good start on a pleasing layout - but you'll want to change it
It has prompts for most of the information you'll want
It comes with a graphic and "standard" links

You Get it From OCS - Drexel Faculty Template page

It was prepared by Mike Giamo and Claudia Ruiz-Shipe
The site has good, explicit instructions on how to download it to your file

What You'll have when you download it.

A folder with three files in - the folder named facultyTemp

File Name

What It Is


The file which contains the text; the one you'll open with Claris HomePage.

You don't have to worry about the others, but you want to have them in the folder.


The dragon image which appears at the top of the page.


A simple blue dash used on the page.

Update 10/14/97