Tables are Useful for:

Collections of numbers etc. e.g.



Student 1


Student 2



Formatting Page the way you want it
Use Invisible borders (Border: 0 in the Object Editor)

How To Insert a Table

Put the cursor where you want it and use the table button
This will bring up the Object Editor window and insert a 2x2 table

How To Edit - Using the Object Editor Window

You can edit the text in the table in the normal way
Including adding another table within an individual table
Add and delete rows or columns using either the buttons for a single row or column or adjusting the total number of rows or columns
Set the cell borders to whatever width (in Pixels) you want.
Select the whole table by clicking on the outsider border
You can then change its overall width in either % or absolute terms.
You can also modify the width of individual columns by dragging them.

Update 10/29/97