Steps For Getting Started

Use Netscape to get the Template

Navigate to Faculty Template or click on this to get directly there
Useful Trick - hold down the mouse button and use "new Window" from the menu that appears to get a second page so you don't lose this one.
Download the template by following the instructions on that page.

Locate the downloaded folder on the hard drive

You can set Netscape's preferences to put all new Downloads in a particular folder. Otherwise it will choose it's default which is sometimes hard to find.
Move the folder to wherever you want to keep your home page information on your computer.

Open Claris Home Page

Open "Faculty.TEMPLATE.html"
Save-As this file giving it a meaningful Name. I suggest
Something like *Home.html to make it appear at the top of dialog boxes.
Don't use any spaces in file names or folder names. They foul up some computers.

Edit the Text to say what you want

Do so using HomePage as a word processor. Do not worry about word size, spacing, etc.
Don't worry about "links" or images yet

Modify a Link

Choose "show link Editor" from Windows Menu
Put the cursor in text that is a link (underlined)
This will show the URL in the link editor window

Modify e-Mail

Put the cursor on the e-mail text
Put in your own E-Mail address

What you will need to complete the page on your own

Departmental web page URL if there is one
Lots more information
Additional web pages for more specialized information.

Update 10/14/97