Making Links

"Local" vs. Web Links

Local Links are to your own pages
They are easiest if they are in a single folder - but it's not necessary
Web Links are to a site not on your own folder
You make them by knowing the URL of the site. e.g. - An excellent general reference source

How You Make a Local Link

Be sure that file you wish to make a link to is in the appropriate place
Usually in the same folder as the page you are working from.
Select/Highlight the text on the current page (or image if you choose) which will become the link
e.g if you want to make the text Fancier Things a link to a file named Fancy.html, select it with the cursor
Click the Insert Link to File button
From the resulting dialog box select the file Fancy.html. as shown in the following image.

How You Make a Web Link

Select the text you wish to make a link in the same way
Click the Link Editor button to bring up the Link Editor window.
Type (or better, Paste) the URL of the Web site you wish to make the link to
e.g. if you wish to make the link to the Reference Desk site above the Link Editor window would look like this:
Note that you can also make a local link to a file here by clicking on "Browse Files"


Useful for

Tables of numbers etc. e.g.



Student 1


Student 2



Formatting Page the way you want it
Use Invisible borders (Border: 0 in the Object Editor)

How To Insert a Table

Put the cursor where you want it and use the table button
This will bring up the Object Editor window and insert a 2x2 table

How To Edit - Using the Object Editor Window

You can edit the text in the table in the normal way
Including adding another table within an individual table
Add and delete rows or columns using either the buttons for a single row or column or adjusting the total number of rows or columns
Set the cell borders to whatever width (in Pixels) you want.
Select the whole table by clicking on the outsider border
You can then change its overall width in either % or absolute terms.
You can also modify the width of individual columns by dragging them.

Update 10/29/97