What Are Anchors?

They are a special kind of link
They allow you to move to a specific spot on either the current or another page.
We'll deal only with the current page situation here.
They are invisible to the user

How To Create an Anchor

Put the cursor where you want the user to be able to move on the page
Click the Insert Anchor button
Give the Anchor a name that means something to you in the dialog box that comes up.
Here I called it What Are Anchors

How To Use an Anchor

First be sure the anchor is created.
You'll see a little anchor symbol like this in the text
Now select the text which you will want to use as a link - Like this text here.
Use the Link Editor Window button to bring up the Link Editor Window
Put in the name of the anchor - Preceded by a #
The Link Editor Window will look like this
Note that you can find the name of an anchor you have created by double-clicking on the anchor symbol - which brings up a window with the name in it - which can be changed if you wish.

Update 10/29/97