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These pages are prepared for new faculty entering Drexel University in Academic Year 2007-8. They are primarily intended for those faculty attending the "New Faculty Workshop" held September 20, 2007 but may be useful to other faculty.

Understand that these are not "official" pages in that there may be errors of fact, opinion or emphasis. They represent the efforts of James Mitchell for the Drexel Center for Academic Excellence to compile information that we believe is helpful. Be sure to refer to the general Drexel website for much, much more information.

Note that we've put as many links to the original sources as possible throughout the text. Look for them as different colored text. The cursor will change as you move it over them.

The Site's Main Sections - Linked here and on the site's menu.

This page - the site overview
Drexel Organization Facts about Drexel's organization of particular importance to Faculty
Students Things that make Drexel undergraduate students unique
Faclities Key buildings and offices.
Online Resources Some sites at Drexel and beyond that may be useful
Helpful People Suggestions of People who may help you - not individual names, but by function
Grading & Course Administration We've given it a section of its own because getting it right is so critical
Key Dates Dates for which you want to plan.
Campus Campus Tour
Download the Google Earth tour of Drexel's campus Jim Mitchell used 9/20/2007
Update: 19-Sep-2007